When four high schoolers get “Saturday Detention”, they quickly realize things just got a whole lot worse when they discover what they thought was just a waste-of-time detention turns into a bit of a nightmare… Group Therapy!  Forced to talk about their true feelings and share their most personal and traumatic stories.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the sleep-deprived therapist has postpartum, with extreme mood swings. Her crazy, unpredictable nature has the kids tip-toeing around her, so as not to unleash the beast.

We see a glimpse of each kid’s home life, the practical, emotional and psychological challenges each one faces.

This is a sensitive, realistic and empathetic story about growing up. This story has humor, conflict, heartbreak and romance. It is both surprising and uplifting. A modern day Breakfast Club with a deeper dive into the hardship of home life.