Our Team

Emma Cameron


A performer by training, Emma studied dance, musical theater and acting at Arts Educational, Tring Park School in Hertfordshire, England. Work followed: entertaining musical-theater and Shakespeare audiences all over England grounded and inspired her continued film and voice-over work in LA.

Given her contacts in LA, Emma naturally transitioned to production and now produces content for a wide range of companies. Highlights from the last decade include working with US Olympic Gold medalist Misty May and Kerri Walsh for Nike Swim, Lebron James for Nike and great companies such as Oakley and Jaguar.

Mark Cameron


Mark followed up his business degree at University of California at Riverside with a masters in film at Loyola Marymount University. As an editor he worked for Mark Burnett and Morgan Spurlock (‘Super Size Me’); on television shows like ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ and with companies that have a cause driven mission such as The Sierra Club.

Always ahead of the curve Mark started a camera rental company with the first Red camera to hit the market in 2008. Career highlights include working as a writer/director on commercials for University commercials, shooting short films for Jaguar M working on a PSA with Harrison Ford, shooting short films for Nike Swim and Nike Basketball starring Lebron James.

Trae King

Production Designer

Trae King has been the production designer on big brand commercials from Sam’s Club to Ford. 

Trae has working on feature films, music videos and commercials. As a designer, he is well-known in the industry for working with top advertising agencies as well as big studios such as Warner Bros. Trae also owns a very successful interior wall paper company.

When Trae is not working on set he is raising his family on Bainbridge Island and sailing his boat throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Abie Ekenezar

Associate Producer

Abie Ekenezar is an award winning producer and director living in Seattle, WA and has been in the entertainment industry since September 2013.  They formed BabsEk Productions in 2017 and had their producing and directorial debut was November 2020 for the film short, Prefer-Racial Treatment and has gone on to produce Outlawz, a western set in Tacoma.  Most recent is  their Feature Documentary that has won two awards is Bad As Women Doing Kick Ass Shit that follows the lives of 11 BIPOC women of varying ages on their political journey.  Abie is currently producing Her Mad Hatter and Orchid Day Dreams, set to film in 2024.